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Make your vintage or classic vehicle look like it just came off the assembly line: let us put the final touches on your restoration project today!

Chrome Shop specialise in restoration of rare and worn automotive parts, so your vehicle can get the loving attention it deserves. Simply enter the details below of the parts you would like restored to request a free quote.

Check out our price list to get started. Please note: the prices listed are all average costs that are subject to variation, depending on the condition the parts.

Headlight restoration

Reflector (re-mirrored)

Prices include stripping, cleaning old coating, polishing, re-mirroring (vacuum metalizing). Does not include fixing rust holes. *Measured on longest edge.

Headlight reflector large (21cm +)* $160 each $300 pair
Headlight reflector medium (11cm – 20cm)* $130 each $240 pair
Headlight reflector small (0cm – 10cm)* $110 each $200 pair


Glass lens rejuvenating

We can assemble the reflector at no additional cost with each reflector and lens refurbishment.

Glass Lens (polish / fill in stone chips) $110 each $200 pair
Halogen logo on certain Lucas headlights $25 each $40 pair
Headlight reflector small (0cm – 10cm)* $110 each $200 pair

Plastic Chroming / Metalizing

Dashboard – large$600 each Suitable for Ford XT, XY, XW
Dashboard – medium$500 each Suitable for Ford XR, Holden HG, HT, HK
Dashboard – small$400 each Suitable for Ford XP, XM
Small buttons/knobs$25 each5 for $100 
Large arm rest$160 each $300 pair 
Small arm rest / facia$130 each $240 pair 
Heater panel$250 each  
Long skinny molding$150 each e.g. glove box molding
Radio bezel$120 each  
Centre console trim$180 each  
XA/XB chrome seat cover trims$120 each  
Fuel injector (masked and chromed)$100 each $80 each for 4 or moreNOTE: must be brand new

Standard Labor Rates / Minimum Charges

Minimum charge per order $200
Standard labour rate $90 per hour

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  • Please indicate desired finish.
  • If you require multiple parts, you can request a new quote for each part.
  • Please note that all orders must be completely disassembled prior to being processed. If items in your order require any disassembly by the Chrome Shop, a labour fee will be added to your order.
  • If possible, scribe/scratch your name on each part in a spot that won’t be seen after assembly (pen/textures will not work if we need to strip the part prior to coating).
  • If posting/courier, make sure the part is well protected, especially if the part needs to be returned in the same carton (please don’t just jam them in a box and hope for the best).
  • Please only wash parts in soapy water - DON'T try to strip or sand parts. This normally adds more cost to the process as we need the part perfect (3000 sand paper finish) for a good chrome finish.
  • If your part needs repairs, get it plastic welded. Please don’t use bog or filler because they expand at different rates and will fail in a short amount of time.

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  • All prices are estimates only due to the variation in parts configuration and condition. Prices are subject to change based upon physical examination of the parts.
  • Standard terms and conditions apply to all orders.
  • We accept Cash, EFT, Postal COD and in person EFTPOS cards. Cheques not accepted.
  • All prices GST exclusive and ex works. Postage/transport not included in prices.
  • Standard turnaround time is 3 – 4 weeks. Parts can be prioritised for additional charge.

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